The first Chinese Bikepacking adventure is coming ….  in the northern China’s Silk Road from Ürümqi to Beijing

Grand Depart in Ürümqi  09:00 am  Monday  30 July 2018!

Save the date  and stay tuned because in the next days we’ll update website with all the info about this amazing challenge

A road trip along the silk route in China is an incredible journey through the arid landscape, Mountains and ending at the Great Wall in Beijing. The journey evokes a wonderful ancient era when trade flourished by the transportation of goods through caravans of horses, camels, and mules. For an adventurous traveller who is looking for something different, the Chinese Silk Road offers outstanding rewards. The northern route, that we’ll start at Urumqi, opens a vista into the fascinating Uyghur culture too.

The routes explore this fascinating nation in ways unparalleled with any other way of travel. You can have an intimate experience with this once closed and forbidden country, be able to stop and smell the roses, watch rice being planted or take photos along the way. We encourage camaraderie among our riders and without a time limits everybody can ride in the speed and in the style that is most comfortable.

In just a few days of cycling, it’s possible to visit historic sites that date back hundreds or thousands of years, traverse through rural lands and observe the agriculture powerhouse able to feed over a billion people, then ascend to altitudes literally at the top of the world.

China is a fascinatingly exotic country full of contradictions. The cities are being transformed into forests of modern high-rise buildings, while the countryside has remained relatively unchanged. China has tremendous variation of landscape, and the Chinese people are delightful. As the world’s most populous country and home to a vast number of ethnic minorities, the cultural richness offered to those who choose to visit is amazing.